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Become rich consider a source of charity people
Date:[2013/1/10 9:24:09]

He is successful, but did not forget hometown; he is enthusiastic about charity, but always low-key donor. He was the heart of benevolence and righteousness, benevolence and virtue to promote, by the villagers affectionately known as " water does not forget the champions of " good director. He is Hangzhou Wansheng screen Co., Ltd. Mister -- Wang FA zang.

" Enterprise development is inseparable from the social support and the help, the villagers have difficulty in need of help, we be one's unshirkable responsibility. " Wang Zhangfa is saying, such also doing.

From the establishment of enterprises since, every year he funded the village elders and the difficulties of the masses, but never publicly that he did grant. He also led the staff support for the charity.

The 2008 financial crisis, enterprises will be affected, development difficult. However, Wang Zhangfa was more concerned about the living conditions of vulnerable groups. Due to concerns about the effect of rising prices by elderly patients and other diseases, he drew from the tight liquidity in part to the village committee, village life requirements to the difficulties of the masses, to help them through the difficulties of life. Between his business and the villagers, Wang FA Zang in the balance in favor of the latter.

Rich source, rich thinks, Wang FA Zang strive for rich and benevolence of the lofty realm. Such selfless realm, the warmth of the village of East Lake and the difficulties of the masses, but also touched all the people.

Source: Xiaoshan Net - Xiaoshan daily